Not Every Monk Can Enter the Meditation Hall to Participate in Da Chan Qi

Publish Date:2024-02-20

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Da Chan Qi is different from ordinary meditation sessions, and not every monk in the monastery can enter the Meditation Hall to participate. Da Chan Qi has certain prerequisites: one must have met a certain level cultivation in meditation; be physically fit with strong legs and feet, so as to be able to sit comfortably in a cross-legged position for long periods of time; and participants must understand the rules of the Meditation Hall since every monk who enters the hall aims to be liberated from cycles of life and death and achieve realization within a set timeframe. Any person who causes disruption during such periods will not only hamper his own practice but will affect others, and hence have karmic consequences. 


There are many rules during Da Chan Qi such as talking is not allowed, and everyone must act according to instructions and the sounds of ritual objects. If one does not understand the rules or sounds from ritual objects, it could result in disruption of the meditation, thus leading to mental afflictions on oneself and causing the same in others. Therefore, not everyone who wants to enter the Meditation Hall is allowed entry. (From Shaolin Temple in My Heart)

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