Shaolin Monks Follow the Rules that were Set by the Founders

Publish Date:2024-01-17

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Of course, Shaolin monks daily life today is juxtaposed against an exciting outside world, whereas the monks living environment has undergone great changes from before. It is impossible to isolate the monks life. Therefore, would outside temptations affect the monks practice?


In my view, the key is whether the monks faith is steadfast. As previously mentioned, the monks daily lives are very much governed by rules with very strict schedules that each monk must follow. On the first and fifteenth of each month according to the lunar calendar, the monks have to recite and carry out the commandments and rules, and apply their faith to restrain their thoughts and action.


The rules of Shaolin Temple were set by the founders and we still live according to these monastery rules. Those who are used to these rules do not find them strict but for those who are new to the monastery, they are not accustomed to these rules and find them restrictive. (From Shaolin Temple in My Heart)

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