The Changes of Yin and Yang

Publish Date:2023-10-18

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The changes of Yin and Yang are the basic ideas of that not only Taoism but also Confucianism and even Buddhism talk about. Certainly as the convenient dharma-gate, Shaolin Kungfu has its own unique feature covering rich and profound Buddhist thought. The supreme state Other martial arts schools seek for is superb, unpredictable and freewheeling but Shaolin Kungfu, integrating Chan into Wu and practice of body and mind, pursues realizing the truth and liberation and achieving dispassion.


The heart is free and then what all not afraid. We defy death, not to speak of Kungfu. Thus Shaolin Boxing says: “Practice with external work is about muscles and bones; and internal work is what truly relies on the life and spirit to refuge. Without both sides, it will be the humble level; the unity of both sides will be the supreme realm.” (From Words of Chan by Shi Yongxin)

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