Harmony between Man and Nature

Publish Date:2023-04-07

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Harmony between man and nature is the basic idea Buddhism has always advocated and strictly practiced. Buddhism says “a clean heart makes land pure”, paying attention to the evolution of the mind, sweeping away greediness, hatred and ignorance, which makes the mind gain release and extrication, removes the state of possessiveness and achieves selfless state. This requires universal sympathy promoted to other races, species, ancestors and descendants’ happiness, to ensure the ecosphere’s vitality and permanent existence of society. “Pure land” means maintaining the integrity and fine operating state of ecosystems for the establishment and maintenance of a effective working society. The most practical action of the pure land is to cherish good fortune and affinity, learn to reduce demand and make the society last forever, aiming to get peaceful and comfortable. (From Words of Chan by Shi Yongxin)

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