Academic Ideas of Shaolin Traumatology School

Publish Date:2023-03-03

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Shaolin traumatology school has obvious characteristics, mainly including the diagnosis of internal injury, the theology of acupuncture points, syndrome differentiation of internal injury and so on. Shaolin traumatology is good at the diagnosis and treatment of internal injuries and has accumulated a wealth of experience, featuring the diagnosis of eye-examination created by Yiyuan immortal. Shaolin traumatology school advocates the theory of vital energy and blood, based on the meridian and collateral theory and meridian flow, creating “the theory of blood heads moving and acupuncture points” and “the theory of fatal acupoints”. This school takes the transmission of meridian blood as the theoretical foundation, meridians and collaterals of lungs as the differentiation basis, Shaolin Temple’s secretary prescriptions including the inner and outer injury therapy, point percussion therapy as well as bone setting and splinting therapy as the treatment, which formed a complete system of Shaolin traumatology treatment. Shaolin traumaology pays attention to the diagnosis of syndrome differentiation such as acupuncture points, lungs, vital energy and blood, locations, pule condition, life and death and so on. (From Shaolin Encyclopedia)

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