Buddhism’s “Misanthropy” and Practice

Publish Date:2022-12-05

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“Misanthropy” of Buddhism is not negative and psychological aversion of escape-form, but the experience of transcending the secular life in the course of emptiness of everything in the world after the enlightenment of mundane life. “Misanthropy” of Buddhism and detachment of secular life can just embody Buddhists’ positive attitude towards life and precious qualities of constantly surpassing themselves. According to legend, in this sense, Emperor Taizong of Tang sighed: “Renunciation and practice are the action of a true man and not easy to complete it for the gentry having blue blood.” if we didn’t confuse “misanthropy” of Buddhism with despair of mundane life and even attempting suicide, then stylite’s degree of “misanthropy”, or the degree of detachment of secular life, should be a significant mark to measure Kungfu practice. (From Words of Chan by Shi Yongxin)

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