The Difference between Ordinary Beings and Holy Ones

Publish Date:2021-06-19

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The difference between ordinary beings and holy ones is just a difference of a mind or an idea. What is different? The ordinary being’s heart is confused while the holy one’s is firm. Whatever ordinary beings do,their heart is chaos. They think this and that, therefore their heart is confused when falling asleep. Then their mind is more confused when sitting in meditation. But the holy one’s heart is tranquil. No matter how busy he is from day to night, his heart is always firm. In the Buddhist sutra it states “nirvana in silence” does not mean inanimate like the wood one, but means the holy one’s heart has no mess or chaos things like ordinary beings. Therefore the ancient meditation master says enlightenment is that “the person is the same one, but his behaviour changes”. That means the person is still the same one but his heart and behaviour change after enlightenment. He sees through everything in the world, understanding what to do and what not to do clearly. He has set free himself from sufferings in the secular world. That’s all, very common. This is the very benefit for people’s life to practice Buddhism. (From Words of Chan)

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