Making no blind and disorderly conjectures

Publish Date:2021-09-27

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What does Buddha say? Is it easy to understand? Let me tell you about life of the truth Buddha finds. It is too easy so that people won’t believe it like that. Buddha initially dared not to believe the truth he himself realized. According to records, after enlightenment, Buddha would not like to confer the truth on others because he was afraid to be laughed at by people. The truth Buddha realized as well as the content of dharma teaching over 49 years was just five (Chinese) characters: bie hu si luan xiang (you’d better come back to earth now). If you could achieve making no blind and disorderly conjectures, your heart would become clean and peaceful while troubles would also be gone. 48,000 dharma gates in scriptures have only one aim to make people no blind and disorderly conjectures. (From Words of Chan by Shi Yongxin)

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