CGTN: The imitation of the tiger's movements: Shaolin tiger fist

Publish Date:2021-07-08

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Shrouded in history, the Shaolin Temple is home to shaolin kung fu, renowned for its powerful techniques and sense of mystical seclusion. 

2.pngThe Shaolin Temple. /CGTN Photo

Fist, cudgel, sword, qigong… the profound shaolin kungfu has attracted many loyal fans. Twenty-one-year-old Yanshu has been practicing in the Shaolin Temple for eight years.


Yanshu, a monk in the Shaolin Temple. /CGTN Photo

Yanshu practices the tiger fist, one of the traditional forms of shaolin kung fu. As the name suggests, the fist is the imitation of the tiger's movements, which are faster and have more options than other fist styles. Crooking the fingers and concentrating energy on them can make it more powerful.


Tiger fist, one of the traditional shaolin kung fu. /CGTN Photo

The solid foundation requires rigorous training. Clenching fists, grabbing sandbags, climbing a ladder using only hands… To enhance the hardness of the fingers, Yanshu repeats the monotonous moves again and again. He knows that the tiger claw needs fingers as strong as nails.

"Kung fu training requires time and sweat. It is not just for the techniques, but more for the inner spirit," says Yanshu.

05df51bb8df54591a111a944bd39b29f.pngClimbing the ladder by hands is one of the routine kung fu training. /CGTN Photo

Day after day, the simple life in the temple seems flat, yet it keeps you away from the hustle and bustle while cultivating your mind. It is a kind of meditation. The hard training has become a habit of life. In this place, Yanshu not only practiced kung fu, but also comprehended the wisdom of "uniting the spirit and the skills."

In his spare time, he likes taking photos of the daily life of his fellow apprentices'. The Shaolin Temple is the place he is most familiar with, and his second home.


Yanshu takes photos of the daily life of his fellow apprentices. /CGTN Photo

"The Shaolin Temple endows me with wisdom and more chances to learn," says Yanshu. There is no end to his learning or practicing kung fu. The continuous accumulation makes him confident and indomitable.


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