Shaolin Cultural Center of Italy Holds a 3-Day Chan Wu Yi Summer Summer Camp Event

Publish Date:2024-07-09

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Under the care and guidance of the Grand Monk Shi Yongxin, abbot of Shaolin Temple, head Shi Yanhui of the Shaolin Cultural Center of Italy, has been committed to promoting Shaolin Chan Wu Yi culture in Italy for years. From June 28 to 30, the Shaolin Cultural Center of Italy held a 3-day Chan Wu Yi summer camp event in Rome, attracting many Shaolin culture enthusiasts from all over Italy to actively participate. The content of the event included: Chan cultivation courses on the morning, traditional Chinese medicine courses in life-cultivation on the afternoon and Shaolin Kungfu courses on the evening.

Feeling Shaolin Chan cultivation

Chan Medicine experience

Practicing Shaolin regimen


Taking a group photo with delight

The summer camp event was well appreciated and loved by students. People were still were still immersed when the activity already finished. Many of them expressed it was hoped that the center could often hold similar activities in different places and areas of Italy, which would make more locals benefit from it. (Report and pictures from the Shaolin Cultural Center of Italy and edited by Zou Xiang)

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