Shaolin Culture Walking into Normandy

Publish Date:2024-03-05

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From Feb. 19 to Mar. 1, 2024, master Shi Yanxiang from the Shaolin Temple Greece was invited to Normandy to conduct 11-day Shaolin Chan Wu cultural exchange activities at Shaolin Kungfu Normandy Sports Club. During the time, many cultural exchange activities were held. There were 120 Shaolin culture enthusiasts attending, which received wide praise from the local society.

During the event, master Shi Yanxiang gave abbot of Shaolin Temple the Grand Monk master Shi Yongxin’ s regards and wishes to people, presided over the peace and blessing dharma assembly to explain Buddhist knowledge and answer many contents about Buddhist culture, Shaolin activities and so on. Laëtitia Doré, one of those attendants, came from the local newspaper interviewed master Shi Yanxiang and wrote the interview. 

Meantime master Shi Yanxiang taught students Shaolin Changhu Xinyimen Boxing, Shaolin Loong Boxing and others, and held the training and assessment of the Shaolin Kungfu Duanpin system. Finally, there were 130 students awarded the first grade (dan) of Shaolin Kungfu.

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