A Group Led by the Grand Monk to Arizona for Cultural Exchange

Publish Date:2023-11-10

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At 11 o’ clock on the morning of Nov 5, 2023, the Red Mountain Shaolin Temple held the Foundation Stone Laying and Blessing Ceremony in Arizona.

Guests present:


The Grand Monk, abbot of Shaolin Temple;


Disciples: Yanli, Yanqing, Yanpei, Yanxuan;


Arizona State Senator Ken Bennett;


Mr. Hu Bing, a world famous designer;


Mr. Wu Jiang, professor of UA


Qiu Wenqi,


President of the 12th Sister City of Phoenix’ Government;


Li Linling,


President of the 12th Sister City of Phoenix’ s Government;


Wang Tailei, Hanson Situ, Xiao Qingsong, Paul Wang,


Eddie Xu,


Representatives of Chinese and Overseas Chinese;


Jerry Cook, Glen Quizaman, John Fullen, Sacred Mountain Fighting and Healing Arts (Mathew Banks), Alex Genov, Heng Chao U.S.A. Shaolin Kung Fu Academy,


Representatives of Martial Arts Circles.

At 4 o’ clock on the afternoon, the blessing ceremony for Chinese or overseas Chinese Shaolin disciples was held in the Shaolin Temple Cultural Center of Arizona. Disciples showed Shaolin Kung that they learned meanwhile students also watched Shaolin Kungfu monks’ wonderful performance.

At 10 o clock on the morning of Nov. 6, Arizona State Senator John Kavanagh met with the Grand Monk Shi Yongxin. He discussed about extensive and profound Shaolin culture and Shaolin Kungfu with the Grand Monk Yongxin, and also expressed the support of Shaolin Temple Cultural Center of Arizona s establishment.

At 11 am, the Grand Monk Shi Yongxin gave his speech featured with Shaolin Temple’ s Chan and Martial Arts in ASU. Professor Wu Jiang of Tucson UA, professor Chen Huaiyu of the University of Arizona, students of ASU, together with local Chinese, jointly attended.

At 2 pm, Arizona State Secretary of State Adrian Fontes met with abbot and Shaolin Kungfu corps in the state government, expressed thanks for the establishment in Arizona and its cultural exchange locally, and also awarded the certificate to praise. (Pictures and report by the Shaolin Temple Cultural Center of Arizona)

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