Training Courses of the Shaolin Kungfu Duanpin System Held in Shaolin Temple

Publish Date:2023-10-18

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To service Shaolin Kungfu to globalize and unify the criteria of skill teaching and practice for Shaolin Kungfu, training courses of the Shaolin Kungfu Duanpin system was held in shaolin Temple from Oct. 13 to 16, 2013. A total of 123 Shaolin Kungfu practitioners took the test. After strict appraisal, 49 participants were awarded the junior phrase, 51 the middle phrase and 23 the high phrase of the Shaolin Duanpin System.

The closing ceremony and the awarding ceremony of the teaching base

Students participating in the training courses received their certificate the Grand Monk Shi Yongxin, abbot of Shaolin Temple, issued in front of the Abbot Hall on Oct. 16. 

strict assessment

This training is mainly courses for Shaolin Kungfu teachers or coaches. Students promoted the phrase would obtain their only code. A student with Scores of six dan or above would get judge’ s qualification. Authorized by the Shaolin Kungfu Duanpin system committee, the qualified teachers or coaches could conduct Shaolin Kungfu teaching or qualification assessment.

The opening ceremony

Theory teaching

Technical guidance

Taking a group photo delightedly

During the time, abbot Yongxin also encouraged students to firmly remember the Precepts for Shaolin Disciples, strengthen communication, unite as one and be a good Shaolin Kungfu inheritor and Shaolin cultural disseminator. 

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