Five Buddhist Monks of Shaolin Temple Vow to Worship Mount Wutai by a 1,500-Li Hike

Publish Date:2023-09-04

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As everyone knows, there is a 1,500-li distance from Shaolin Temple to Mount Wutai. Nowadays convenient transportation usually takes 1-hour flight or a 3-hour high speed train or a 8-hour drive from Shaolin Temple to Mount Wutai. But these five Buddhist monks, master Yantang, master Yanchuan, master Yanxing, master Yankun and master Yanchi, from Shaolin Temple, still adhere to the most traditional way of completing the whole journey on foot to make their holy dream in the heart come true.

Chanting the vow

Saying goodbye to the Grand Monk at the farewell ceremony and setting off

The Grand Monk Shi Yongxin gives a dharma teaching with compassion

Taking a photo with the Grand Monk

Setting off from the Shaolin Temple permanent residence compound

Taking a photo in front of the Mountain Gate

The five monks burned incense and worshiped Buddha at the Mahaviro Hall of Shaolin Temple, devoutly vowing to finish the journey on foot on September 1 or the 17th day of the seventh lunar month in 2023. Then they got to the Abbot Hall, saluting the Grand Monk Yongxin at the farewell ceremony and setting off. The Grand Monk gave a compassion teaching to encourage the five monks to firm their mind and enhance wisdom through completing the journey on foot. In front of the Mountain Gate in Shaolin Temple, the five monks took a photo with master Yanyang and then started their journey toward the stated objective. (Edited by Zou Xiang and pictures from Shaolin Temple’ s official website)

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