Hong Kong Shaolin Temple Cultural Centre Hosts the “Shaolin Cup” International Martial Arts Competition

Publish Date:2023-09-01

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To celebrate the 26th anniversary of Hong Kong’ s return to China, Hong Kong’ s Shaolin Cup Martial Arts Competition hosted by the Hong Kong Shaolin Temple Cultural Centre, was successfully held at the Bluebell English (HK) College on August 27, 2023. Students of the center actively participated in the event and got good grades under the guidance of head Shi Yanrong.

Player style


It is said the “Shaolin Cup” International Martial Arts Competition attracted many Kungfu enthusiasts to attend it. More than 200 people participated in the competition.


Taking a group photo to mark the occasion

The aim of the martial arts is to carry forward traditional Chinese culture and demonstrate the contemporary mental outlook of Hong Kong. 

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