Shaolin Quanfa Italy Holds the Shaolin Kungfu Competition & Commemorations of the 6th Anniversary of the Death of Mr. Luigi Amadio

Publish Date:2023-03-15

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The Shaolin Quanfa Italy held the Shaolin Kungfu Competition & Commemorations of the 6th anniversary of the death of Mr. Luigi Amadio in the Santa Lucia Rehabilitation Medical Central Hospital on March 12, 2023.


The event was divided into two parts: the Shaolin Kungfu competition on the morning and the commemorations of the 6th anniversary of the death of Mr. Luigi Amadio on the afternoon. Shaolin discipals from the 20 member schools affiliated to the Shaolin Kungfu Quanfa Italy participated in the event. The competition included multiple items such as long weapon, short weapon, unarmed, individual item, group item and others. Gold, silver and bronze awards were finally decided. The commemorations were held at 4: 30 that afternoon.

The Guests included Minister-Counsellor Xu Rong from the cultural affairs of the Chinese Embassy in Italy, Mr. Giovanni Alibrandi, director of the Italian state television TG 2, Ms. Laura Pertica, Chair of the Premio Simpatia, Mr. Gianfranco Russo, head of the AICS Sports Association, Ms. Maria Adriana Amadio, chair of the Fondazione Santa Lucia Rehabilitation Medical Central Hospital, Ms. Serena Forni from the Italian Chancellery, Ms. Jin Hui, chair of the Italy Soong Ching Ling Foundation, Mr. Tian Wei, branch manager of the China Southern Airlines in Italy, Mr. Lin Meiyin, director of the Rome Overseas Chinese Friendship Association in Italy, and other overseas Chinese groups and leaders in Rome. Giovanni Malagò, chair of the Italian Olympic Committee, also sent a message of congratulation specially.

Shaolin disciples from Italy also performed wonderful Shaolin Kungfu for present guests on the anniversary, winning bursts of applause from audience, which pushed the event to a new high. Ms. Elisabetta Migliore, a famous presenter of Italian television Rai 2, presided over the sector of awarding guests. (Edited by Zou Xiang and pictures from the Shaolin Quanfa Italy)

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