The Group of the UK Shaolin Xiu Culture Centre Holds a Series of Activities about the Spread of Shaolin Culture

Publish Date:2023-02-23

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Head Shi Yanxiu of the UK Shaoin Xiu Culture Centre, head Shi Yanmeng of the Macao Shaolin Xiu Center, head Shi Yanhao of the Indonesia Shaolin Xiu Center and Shaolin disciples from other places, held activities such as the training and certification of the Shaolin Duanpin system, Shaolin Chan cultivation, speeches on traditional Chinese medicine, comprehensively carrying forward Shaolin culture represented by Chan, Wu (martial arts), Yi (medicine), Yi (arts) in Jakarta, Indonesia, which attracted extensive attention and praise from local communities.

They taught students Shaolin Kungfu, explained knowledge of Shaolin culture, and conducted the assessment and evaluation of the junior dan for Shaolin Kungfu Duanpin system together in the Holy Heat Orphanage, Jakarta. There were 57 students participate in the event including Kungfu enthusiasts from Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia as well as 20 Shaolin disciples from the Holy Heart Orphanage. The Shaolin Kungfu Duanpin system committee sent Shi Yanpeng, Shi Yanmeng, Shi Yanwu serving as evaluation staff. Finally, there were 56 students passing the evaluation of the Shaolin Kungfu Duanpin system and being awarded the Shaolin Kungfu junior dan grading. (Edited by Zou Xiang and pictures from the UK Shaolin Xiu Culture Centre)

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