Indonesia Shaolin Xiu Center Hosts the Lantern Festival Celebrations in the Sacred Heart Orphanage

Publish Date:2023-02-13

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February 5 is traditional Chinese Lantern Festival when the Indonesia Shaolin Xiu Center hosted the Lantern Festival celebrations of the Year of Rabbit 2023 and the center’ s opening ceremony in Guimao Year. There were more than two hundred people attending the event.

There were colorful performances including the flower drum, lion dance, dragon dance, Indonesian folk dance, Chinese zither, erhu, Shaolin 13 fist, Shaolin unique skill, Damo sword, 13 spear and other programs. Especially students’ Shaolin Kungfu show from the Indonesia Shaolin Xiu Center gained cheers of applause from audience of the site.

Shi Yanhao, head of the Indonesia said, Shaolin culture is long standing, broad and profound, which is the product of the combination of Indonesian Buddhist culture and traditional Chinese Buddhist culture. It is a treasure of traditional Chinese culture and a unique cultural phenomenon taking Chan culture as the core and Chan cultivation, Kungfu, Chan medicine and Buddhist art as the manifestation, diverse cultures as main body that Shaolin monks created. He hoped the celebrations could support the spread and promotion of Shaolin culture in Indonesia and also boost people-to-people cultural exchanges and cooperation between China and Indonesia.

Previously, the Indonesia Shaolin Xiu Center set the training center in the Hati Suci, Jakarta and Shi Yanhao as head trainer. The orphanage itself is a welfare institution with a history of more than one hundred years. The next step is the Indonesia Shaolin Foundation cooperates with the Sacred Heart Foundation to carry forward Shaolin culture and traditional Chinese culture and make more Indonesian people benefit from it. (Edited by Zou Xiang and pictures from the Indonesia Shaolin Xiu Center)

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