Warmly Celebrating Austria Successfully Holding the Training Certification of the Shaolin Kungfu Duanpin System

Publish Date:2022-12-07

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On November 3, 2022, Shaolin Temple sent master Yanpei, master Yanti and master Yanye to arrive in Europe, together with master Yanliang, secretary general of the Shaolin Association, conducting the training certification for two weekends in Austrian Shaolin Cultural Center in Vienna. A total of 152 people including heads of Shaolin cultural centers and martial arts gyms and coaches from 13 countries of Austria, Slovakia, Spain, Portugal, Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Britain, Switzerland, Poland, Holland and Sweden, attended the training and took corresponding dan certification by passing the evaluation.


Through the training certification, students consistently reflected research and development and promotion of the Shaolin Kungfu Duanpin system is the important foundation of carrying forward Shaolin Kungfu abroad, which can make more Shaolin Kungfu lovers be able to study and practice Shaolin Kungfu systematically and scientifically. Meanwhile certificates greatly enhance practitioner’ s position, honor and a sense of belonging.


A 23-day training certification of the Shaolin Kungfu Duanpin system 2022 was successfully completed from Nov. 3 to 25. During the time, Shaolin sangha visited many Shaolin cultural centers in Europe. The Shaolin Kungfu Duanpin system is uniquely recognized by people who regard it as the foundation meanwhile also expect research and development and promotion of Shaolin Chan gong, Shaolin cudgel and other courses to further enrich the content of Shaolin Kungfu. Meanwhile Shaolin culture taking Chan Wu Yi as the core also need synchronous development, especially Chan cultivation and Chan medicine. They also hope the temple could send Shaolin monks to conduct access exchange activities each year.

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