Official Opening of the 2nd Sanai International Shaolin Culture Festival Canada 2022

Publish Date:2022-09-28

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The opening ceremony of the second San’ ai International Shaolin Culture Festival Canada 2022 finally was held in Richmond and the Shaolin Cultural Center of Toronto simultaneously. A series of culture innovation of showing and merging traditional Shaolin culture and native Canadian culture with rich connotation and high lights stunned more than 200 distinguished guests attending the event.

The second Sanai International Shaolin Culture Festival Canada 2022 is invested and sponsored by the Sanai Investment Management Company in Canada, guided by abbot Shi Yongxin of Shaolin Temple, hosted by China Songshan Shaolin Temple and the Shaolin Temple of Canada, undertaken by Z Time Metaverse Ltd., and co-organized by Baizhou Technologies, Shaolin Pharmacy Bureau in Canada, Watching and Kaixuan Travel Agency. The culture festival is also supported by Chinese Consulate General in Canada, Vancouver Hongmen Organization, Henan-Canada Friendship Association, China Asia Industry Group Limited, Beijing Qingbo Big Data Technology Co., Ltd., and Guangxi Huayun Big Data Co., Ltd.


The culture festival sticks to “equality, connection and achievement”, takes “Kungfu Beaver” as the theme, and aims at carrying forward Shaolin culture to promote inheritance and innovation of Shaolin culture, fuse Shaolin culture with local values, continually expand the influence of Shaolin culture in Canada and actively boost cultural exchanges between China and Canada.


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