Japanese Shaolin Qigong Association Hosts the 20th Shaolin Martial Arts and Qigong Festival Successfully

Publish Date:2022-03-24

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The Japanese Shaolin Qigong Association hosted the 20th Shaolin Martial Arts and Qigong festival in the Shinjuku Sports Center on Mar. 21, 2022. Because of the serious epidemic status at present, there were only less than 50 people attending the event according to the local epidemic prevention and control measures. The attendants are aged 4 to 80.

The Shaolin Martial arts and Qigong festival was divided into two parts: the text of Shaolin martial arts and Qigong performance from 9 to 12 o’ clock on the morning; president Qin Xiping explained and demonstrated internal force and movements of Shaolin internal force and Qigong from 1 to 4 o’ clock on the afternoon. Finally, president Qin Xiping issued certificates to outstanding participants and also took group photos to mark the occasion.

President Qin Xiping said, with the personal care and support of Shaolin Temple’ s abbot Shi Yongxin, the Japanese Shaolin Qigong Association was established in 1994. It has hosted 20 sessions of the Shaolin Martial arts and Qigong competitions in Japan and 6 sessions of the world Shaolin martial arts and Qigong conferences, and successively received interviews and teachings around 5, 000 times. The association obtained the excellent results during the World Shaolin Kungfu Online Competition 2022 held by Shaolin Temple. Through propagation and carrying forward Shaolin culture locally, more and more local populace accept and recognize Shaolin culture and traditional Chinese culture, also with their mental and physical health benefiting from that. (Edited by Zou Xiang and pictures from the Japanese Shaolin Qigong Association)

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