Italy Shaolin Fist Union Hosts the Chan Wu Summer Camp Successfully

Publish Date:2021-08-09

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Italy Shaolin Fist Union hosted a 3-day Chan Wu summer camp in the Pescasseroli forest park under the guidance of head Shi Yanhui on July 30, 2021. The students present come from Milan, Bologna, Florence, Roman, Bari and other cities in Italy.

Shi Yanhui always encourages local Shaolin disciples and students to have distance learning courses and hosted Shaolin culture propaganda campaign by through network platform since the epidemic in Italy broke in February, 2020. The group took some students participating in a 15-day Chan Wu culture campaign in China Songshan Shaolin Temple during summer holiday each year. 


Shi Yanhui gave abbot Shi Yongxin’ s greet and wish to students, and jointly discussed together with students how to study Shaolin culture efficiently in the outbreak during the event. Then the activities officially begun. The content included Shaolin Kungfu practice and experience, Shaolin cultural knowledge, lectures on Chinese traditional etiquette and so on.

Students hoped there would be similar activities often hosted in future. Meantime they also expressed gratitude that master Shi Yanhui establishes a peaceful context for learning, not only making everyone build body, but also getting mental and physical pleasure. Everyone also wished to visit China Songshan Shaolin Temple to learn and experience Shaolin culture and traditional Chinese culture after the outbreak. (Edited by Zou Xiang and pictures from Italy Shaolin Fist Union)

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