Root of Wisdom

Publish Date:2023-12-21

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Chan practice needs the enlightenment and Shaolin Kungfu also needs enlightenment. At the beginning of practicing Shaolin Kungfu, people is usually in the physical training stage. You will be able to improve Kungfu only with correct methods and hard work. Practicing to a certain extent, you will be beyond the physical training stage and enter upon a new phase. You have to practice with your heart during this period which does not mean practicing carefully and diligently but enlighten yourself by the heart. Becoming a holy one or an ordinary people hinges on this one action. 


If you can enlighten mental cultivation methods of Chan Wu, then you will attain the supreme realm of Chan Wu; if you does not enlighten it, you will waste your life. Enlightenment or no enlightenment is talent but not destiny. People with sharp root of wisdom enlighten themselves early. However, as long as people with blunt root of wisdom can correct themselves, sooner or later they will attain enlightenment. (From Words of Chan by Shi Yongxin)

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