What is a Dhammacariya?

Publish Date:2022-11-29

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Dhammacariya was originally the title of an academic degree, conferred on those with a comprehensive knowledge of the Buddha Dhamma and capable of preaching it. It should not be applied to anyone else. There are other high degrees: Suttacaritya for those who havemastered Sutta-pitaka, Vinayacariya for those with mastery of Vinaya-pitaka, and Abhidhammacariya for those with a thorough knowledge of Abhidhamma-pitaka. Even higher is the Tipitakacariya—the title for those with a comprehensive mastery of the knowledge of all the three pitakas (Tipitaka). Both Xuanzang and Yijing in the Tang Dynasty were awarded the title. (From Essentials of Buddhism: Questions and Answers)


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