Chan Medicine and Acupoints

Publish Date:2022-11-21

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The understanding of acupoints for Chan medicine has distinct academic versions. Chan medicine stresses: deep multiple abscess of acupoints change with space-time and everything’s changes on the premise of life, for which there are quality change and liquidity of locations. Chan medicine says “location accurate” means the location of the efficacy is accurate, rather than accurate graphics, coordinates and size. Chan medicine stresses “conformity of pneuma, mind and spirit” and “alternate softness and hardness”, requiring doctors to have “universal compassion” and “learning from a painful experience” and build a Bodhisattva’s realm of connecting to the heart and understanding each other with patients deeply. Understanding patients spoken of here is not simple medical ethics but ineffable medical skills. Massage therapy in Chan medicine is not simple to exercise the muscles, and the bones and tendons but stresses the transmission of the state and energy information. The use of acupoints methods like one finger Chan, two fingers pointing up as well as palm Chan, boxing Chan and so on, brings back life to a patient. (From Shaolin Encyclopedia)

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