Shaolin Kungfu and the Concept of "Heaven and Man's Harmonious Unity "

Publish Date:2021-07-24

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As the technology system, Shaolin Kungfu specifically is embodied as Wushu routine. The routine is made up of a collection of actions. Shaolin Kungfus design of action and compound routines are built on the body and ancient Chinese medical knowledge, in line with the rules of human movement. Action and routine stress association of activity and inertia, the balance between Yin and Yang, combing toughness with softness, combining mind and body, etc. One of the most famous is the six-coincidence theory: the coincidence of hand and foot, the coincidence of elbow and knee, the coincidence of shoulder and hip, the coincidence of heart and mind, the coincidence of mind and energy as well as the coincidence of energy and force. The concept of Heaven and Mans harmonious unity considers the action of the most natural human body is the most reasonable. Shaolin Kungfu has been tested for so long a time, continues to innovate and develop as well as  get rid of anything other than what was absolutely essential. All routines handed down are very precious essence which makes the potential of human body function highly, becoming the most optimized mode of human movement. Football is the same as Shaolin Kungfu, also limb movement. I feel that if football develops to a certain maturity level, stylized action should also appear, reaching the state of Heaven and Mans harmonious unity. (From Words of Chan by Shi Yongxin)

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