Shaolin Shujinhuoluo Health Care Paste

Publish Date:2021-07-24

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Shaolin Shujinhuoluo Health Care Paste


The product applies to subhealthy people with joint pain of neck, shoulders, waist, knees and so on.


Usage: Changed every 12 to 48 hours


Product Information


Product name: Shaolin Shujinhuoluo Health Care Paste


Specification: 8 pieces/ 4 bags/ box


Unsuitable group: Pregnant woman and people with discomfort of skin



1. The product should be stopped using when people s skin has symptoms of itching.

2. The product does not apply to People with skin eruptions.

3. The product is a health care product and it can not replace the treatment of medicine and medical instruments.


Instruction: The product is made from safflower, hyssop, curcuma zedoary, burreed tuber, notoginseng, semen persicae,  rheum officinale, frankincense, myrrh, menthol, borneol, camphor, wintergreen oil and hot melt adhesive.


Healthcare function: Relieve pain of neck, shoulder, waist and knees and promote health


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