Shaolin Temple Greece successfully held Shaolin Wu Xing Quan workshop

Publish Date:2022-04-11

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On Sunday, April 10, the Shaolin Wu Xing Quan workshop was successfully held  at the “Shaolin Temple Greece Cultural Center Agion Anargyron” branch, by Master Shi Yan Xiang.

 After paying respects and being thankful to Buddha that we managed to meet again after the past two difficult years of the Covid-19 pandemic, Shifu Arvanitidis Christos, owner of the Center, took over the class for warm-up and immediately after that, began the learning of the form with Master Shi Yan Xiang.

The Five Animal form was created by the Shaolin monk Jue Yuan, who, while wandering in China in search of martial arts experts, met two famous teachers, Li Sou and Bai Yufeng.  He returned with them to the Shaolin Monastery, where they spread their knowledge of martial arts to the monks, writing, among other things, the Five Animals Form.

 We want to thank all the participants who took part in the workshop of the traditional form Shaolin Wu Xing Quan.  We also want to thank Shifu Arvanitidis Christos for the hospitality.

 Master Shi Yan Xiang thanks the Abbot Shaolin Temple of China, Shi Yong Xin, because during these two difficult years of the pandemic we were in online communication with various sessions and the organization of the Online Shaolin Kung fu Games  2022 mobilizing this way thousands of martial arts lovers to practice and engage in the competition where also our students participated with excellent results.

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