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My dear friend,
 “The Third ‘European’ Shaolin Cultural Festival”, which is sponsored by China Songshan Shaolin Temple and Shaolin Association of North America and organized by UK Shaolin Cultural Center, will be held in London and Oxford from October 7 to 17, 2014. The festival consists of blessing prayer for world peace, Shaolin Kungfu Test in Europe, lecture on Shaolin Meditation, Medicine and Kungfu, exhibition on Shaolin Culture and 12 Zodiac Animals Cultural Relics, the dialogue between Chinese Buddhism and Christianity. At that time, teams from 25 member countries in Europe and thousands of Shaolin Chan and Kungfu enthusiasts from other countries in other continents will enjoy a happy get-together and share the wonderful festival.
Shaolin Associations are non-profit organizations founded by Shaolin enthusiasts in various countries. The first European Shaolin Cultural Festival” was held in Berlin and Vienna in September, 2012; the first North American Shaolin Cultural Festival was held in Harvard University, UN Headquarters, Los Angeles Convention Center in October, 2013. The festivals gained great support from local government and the society.
Shaolin Tempe is famous for its 1500-year cultural inheritance including Shaolin Chan, Kungfu and medicine. Shaolin Temple and Chan Buddhism, which are the achievement of civilization of Sino-foreign cultural exchanges, play an important role in China’s history of culture and history of religion and their influence covers Japan, Korea and even Europe and America. Shaolin Kungfu, which is the perfect integration of Chan Buddhism’s unique comprehension to life wisdom and the essential skills of Chinese martial arts, gives full expression to the supreme spiritual realm and cultural value of the “unity of Chan and martial arts” and the “unity of man and nature”. Shaolin Cultural Festival is aimed at opening a dharma-gate for people to understand and share the wisdom of Chan Buddhism and the heritage of Shaolin Kungfu.
I sincerely invite you to join us and wish you good health and good luck!
China Songshan Shaolin Temple
Abbot: Shi Yongxin
June 21, 2014