Shaolin Temple Chuipu Hall


"In the course of the fifteen centuries, Shaolin monks one generation after another have carried on their beliefs, devoted themselves to the ideal pursuit and left the remarkable goodness upon the nation’s brilliant cultural legacy. Members of this generation are basking in Shaolin historical glory till date and meanwhile are entrusted with the responsibility of innovations—the monastic order establishment, the monastery development, Buddhist studies and culture inheritance—these are the realistic goals, but also the historic responsibilities of Shaolin Temple.”

                                                     --- Ven. Shaolin Abbot Shi Yongxin


As the birthplace of Chan Buddhism and Kungfu, Shaolin Temple, under the auspice of ancient patriarchs, has left the humanity an original and practical heritage of Chan, Kungfu, Medicine and Art. With so many ups and downs throughout history, it has been a tradition and also a commitment for Shaolin Temple that all the benefits and merits of its 1,500-years old tradition shall reach out more people and the transmission of wisdom continue into the next millennium and beyond.

Therefore in the second half of last year (2010), proposed by the Venerable Abbot Yongxin, Chuipu(martial forms) Hall in the Shaolin Temple Permanent Resident Compound was opened up to provide the public with authentic experience and insight into a diverse culture of Shaolin Temple. Here inside the monastery, Shaolin cultural inheritors will personally present the traditional Chinese Chan philosophy and martial arts, and give every practitioner the firsthand experience of invaluable Shaolin cultural legacy. The speeches and courses given by Chan cultivators and the Venerable Abbot will also help you gain an insight into your own life and find the way to a better life.


Shaolin culture is an integral part of the Chinese culture and a legacy of exceptional achievement. Shaolin culture represented by Chan, Kungfu, Medicine and art, is characterized in its originality, uniqueness, perfect syncretism, openness and sharing. Ven. Abbot Yongxin has always attached great importance to exchanges with luminaries from a wide range of disciplines and resolved to offer the public an opportunity of great lifelong benefit, a life experience of Shaolin culture, an insight into Buddhist wisdom and a source of inspiration and enlightenment.