Prayer messages from Italy

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Present with my heart and a prayer:

Lord, give us the strength to change the things we can change
Give us the serenity to accept things we can not change
and above all, give us the wisdom to distinguish each from other
so that our spirit can follow the path of Truth and Life
for our own good and for the good of those around us.
Piergiuseppe Cassone (Bergamo – North Italy)




Faced with the disgust that takes my stomach seeing how in this tragedy seems to prevail the distraction: the spectacle of disaster, nuclear power, the economy ... while whole community of thousands of people. are missing.. The touching article in the Italian newspaper Repubblica : "Among the ghosts of the dead massacre in fishing nets, " written by correspondent Giampaolo Visetti, tells about a girl who did 130 km in three days in search of his relatives swept away by the tsunami and the earthquake: that's a sign that moves me! I thought this girl and how big is the sign of the Good in Life if it is able to overcome the despair, how big our hearts is if it does not stop in front of a tsunami.! The Lord has shared with us this cry and He saves the man's breath: a breath that today we should have the intensity of those who are at the foot of the cross ....

Mario (Milan – North Italy)



"What of tremendous continues to happen on earth,

it is an exhortation to do something positive light within us
using the energy and love that often wasted
during this short earthly passage "
Giovani Sebastiano Cozza
Associazione Dei Miglioramenti   





I wanted to send a message on the occasion of Shaolin Temple Venerable Abbot Shi Yongxin prayer appeal with a particular memory of the events that have shaken in recent months New Zealand, China and Japan.
From any quake, from every wave, from every calamity, may the wise man learn to listen to the earth, nature, his fellow, himself, entrusting himself with confidence and love of what happens in the universe; every subsequent thought and action may be balanced and respectful result of this deep listening.
Although I can not personally participate in this Prayer Appeal and Incense Ceremony at the Shaolin Temple Italy of Milan, from my home I will light incense to pray for those who live first-hand the experience of human suffering. Amituofo



I can not participate in the meetings of tonight, so I forward you this reflection of mine, that is my indirect way to be somehow present.

When in a family a serious and mournful event happens, family members, starting from those next, rush to come together, to face united the pain and suffering that has affected them. And around them, the community, in which the family lives inserted, forms a big hug.
Similarly, when an event strikes a region of our world, assuming the dimensions of a disaster, every time all of us discover to be the brothers called to participate in the pain and suffering of our fellows.
It seems to me that in this unanimous embrace there is a finding of shared humanity as its own foundation.
Viviana Verdesca Service Getel
Fiditalia S.p.A. ( Milan – North Italy)




As was said before science confirms it: the air will be on fire and then silence;

humanity folded like dinosaurs, will be like a dry leaf:
there will be an alternative to this?
And how is it that some wise men saw in the past that?
And what will be the treasure of kings in front of that? Is it not even a burned impotent leaf?
What other treasures remain to be discovered in the rubble, to remedy the total universal pain?
May the knowledge and insight of the end of all things, give the courage to undertake new formulations.




My prayer is this:

" May the light shine in the hearts of all the inhabitants of Earth so that a spiritual awakening and an awareness and consciousness for peace and universal prosperity very soon happen! May God bless the Earth and protect all the Japanese people from radiation and all living beings on Earth. May Mother Earth soon be respected by the man!”
Gabriel Giordano ( Torino- North Italy)




Amituofo Shifu,

With regret, unfortunately I will not be able to participate this evening in this important and respectable moment of prayer for people who are living this difficult and painful situation
But I wanted to participate at least in my mind and my heart and give You my reflections:
we are faced with the harsh reality. We are as happy children playing on the beach, building sand castles, play tracks.. we are proud and think that nobody can take away the serenity and joy of these moments .. But suddenly, without warning, a wave comes, comes upon us and destroy everything has brought us a smile.. This is what happened there, and I think for all those who have had the chance to live again, they will change their outlook of life: their hearts, their faces will be different, torn now as never would have expected.. But life is this: it gives us many surprises good and bad, and we are only like a tree trunk carried by the raging current of life that comes and does not look at anyone… Those fortunate enough to cling to something, do it immediately, because this is the only way to avoid ending up in the fall of vacuum.
Christian Messana (Legnano- North Italy)


In these difficult and sad days, my prayer is not addressed to the Earth itself (in fact I believe that Mother Earth has no merits or demerits for its beauty and its ugliness and similarly it is neither good nor bad for natural disasters that always happen from its origin by physical, geological, atmospheric causes ) My prayer is addressed to all men who with their reckless actions can cause "other" disasters that depend on their responsibility and irresponsibility: they can deliberately put at risk our Earth and all living beings, human, animal and plants… It is certainly due to the exploitation of our planet that we can now live with many comforts and a lot less effort, but for decades we have realized that this inconsiderate overuse of natural resources and territory is causing the destruction of the planet and mankind, animal and plant.

We need to pray but we also have to oppose and resist the hypocrisy and deceit of those who are addicted to power and wealth for themselves and who think only of immediate or of their own election or re-election, forgetting to govern righteously and to really help people living in poverty. We must pray and be aware that we must all learn to live sober, giving up unnecessary and allowing the majority of the world's population ( who allow a minority to have everything in excess) continuing to live below the poverty line without sufficient food, water, medical care and spiritual dignity and respectability, and recognition of rights, to achieve a good quality of life.
And as a well-known proverb says, "we rent the land from our children, we do not inherit it from our parents. " I would add that we have it because everybody can enjoy and not just the few who think only of themselves and are indifferent to others.

Paola Manfredini (Paderno Dugnano – North Italy)


May the Earth and Heaven forgive us for all the mistakes we made against them in the recent and distant past. May they be indulgent for our ignorance and clearly and unequivocally show us the right way forward from now on. May all the Brothers and Sisters in Japan, China and New Zealand find soon the Serenity, feel the Light of the Hope shining strong in their hearts, may they and all of us on Planet Earth walk in the awareness and willingness to make of every day and of every moment a service of compassion and love for our Living Nature and Every Sentient Being. May Knowledge, Truth, Brotherhood, Unity of all Beings and Peace Reign Forever On This Planet.



"San Filippo" International Primary School
(Citta di Castello, Umbria, central Italy)



Mitakuye Oyasin!

May The Holy Instructions And The Holy Power Of Heaven Be With Us!
May The Sacred And Sweet Voice Of Our Mother Earth Be With Us!

May The Holy And Divine Presence Living In Everyone Of Us Shine And Resonate Stronger And Stronger!


Sacred Wheel of Medicine – Lakota Oglala Indigenous
A Symbol of Universal Brotherhood
(drawing by a pupil of Preggio Mountain School, Umbertide)


Mr. Andrea Mennella

("San Filippo" International Primary School)



(Messages received on April 5, 2011)