Message from Counicillor for Culture of the Lombardy Region

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Giunta Regionale

Assessore alla Cultura

Piazza Città di Lombardia  120124 Milano 


 Milan 05/04/2011

The Councillor


Dear friends of Shaolin Temple Italy, I am sorry I can not be with you today for this great moment of prayer. Please accept my brief reflection on what is happening lately in the world.


Whenever disasters occur as those that occurred in New Zealand, China and recently in Japan, the human being acquires a new awareness of his impotence in front of the forces of nature. Suddenly the problems of everyday life seem simple and you find yourself to stronger embrace the people you love. I do not know whether it is fear or instinct inherent in man to find strength in union.. What is true is that after this tragedy we all find ourselves better, more united, more willing to needs of others. Even more, one wonders what the meaning of life and what is necessary to prioritize.


The man always tends to his desire for happiness. Everything we do, consciously or not, hide the achievement of goals that we aim to make better our life or the people we love.


But when nature bursts into our lives in such violent way, it often happens that we ask whether it is worth every tiring day to build something that could disappear the next day because of an earthquake or a tsunami. Well, I can tell you what is my answer. Yes, it's worth it, because it would be impossible to do otherwise. Let inhibit fear would not live. So far as we have shown recently, the Japanese and the inhabitants of L’Aquila, struck two years ago by the earthquake that caused over 300 deaths, to remain in Italy, the spirit of survival has the same force of nature that destroys.. Then , we go on again, with a new consciousness which, paradoxically, makes us stronger than we were before that moment, we almost want to live, even for those who are gone. I then pray with you for all the victims of natural disasters but also for humanitarian disasters, where, unfortunately, is only the responsibility of men. I hope that we can at least united to stop them, because for the other there is no other course of action.

 Massimo Buscemi