Shaolin World Prayers and Incense Ceremony in Milan Cultural Center

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During the beginning of Qinming Festival and the ceremony conducted by the Venerable Abbot and the Shaolin Temple in China, Shaolin Milan cultural center, has offered many moments of meeting, prayer and the ceremony of incense throughout the day Tuesday, April 5 in the capital of Northern Italy.

More than 100 people participated in the time of prayer from morning to evening, involving students in Italian schools (ITS S.Caterina da Siena in Milan + International Primary School "S.Filippo" in Città di Castello ( PG), children, students and supporters of the cultural center. A lot people who could not attend because they live outside of Milan, also sent their personal support and wishes for the event, including a special blessing from Councilor Massimo Buscemi for Culture of the Lombardy Region.

"The Prayer of April 5 was proposed by Shaolin Temple, but many people of different religion have joined and participated in it. In fact, many different people have sent their messages of prayer and blessing: Buddhists, Christians, followers of the American Indians, Hindus, even atheists. This is the wonderful proof that Shaolin (as always I’m convinced) is really the center of the world, and Shaolin is a culture that can really unite people in a universal embrace of love, respect, peace for ourselves and for all living beings”, said Shi Hengding, Shaolin disciple and instructor of Milan cultural center, who together with Shi Hengchan organized the ceremony.


A meditation session on the teachings of Buddha, the 4 Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path as a method response to the suffering of the world, was also held during the assembly.


Prayer and Incense Ceremony 

 Students' Prayer



 Meditation Session presented by Shi Heng Chan

Students' Prayer in Blessing Wall


Children drawings and messages of blessing for victims, survivors and their home