Chinese Lunar Calendar
Gregorian Calendar
The 8th day of the twelfth month        
Jan. 1, 2012
 Sakyamuni Buddha’s Enlightenment Day
  & Shaolin Laba Porridge Offering Assembly
The 23th day of the twelfth month
Jan. 16, 2012
Birthday of Kinnara King of the Dharma
The 1st day of the first month
Jan. 23, 2012
Observance of Maitreya Buddha’s Birthday
  & Chinese New Year Bell-striking Activity
The 19th day of the second month
Mar. 11, 2012
Birthday of Avalokiteśvara Bodhisattva
  & Traditional Shaolin Temple Fair
The 14th day of the third month
Apr. 4, 2012
Qingming Festival (Ancestor Worship)
The 8th day of the fourth month
Apr. 28, 2012
Sakyamuni Buddha Birthday
  & Buddha Bathing Ritual
Late Jul., 2012
Shaolin Chan Inquires
(the exact date to be notified online)
The 15th day of the seventh month
Aug. 31, 2012
Ullambana Festival Celebration
The 1st day of the tenth month
Nov. 14, 2012
Winter Clothing Festival,
Tomb Sweeping Ceremony in Pagoda Forest
The 5th day of the tenth month
Nov. 18, 2012
Patriarch Bodhidharma Birthday
 & Opening Ceremony of Winter Chan Session
The 17th day of the eleventh month
Dec. 29, 2012
Buddha Amitbha Birthday