* It is truly a test on Buddhism’s existence in our world as our society treads through an era of major transformation. If modernization is a current, a wave, then Buddhism is a boat. We have to face the current, have a firm grip on direction, and have a very clear idea of what we should and should not do. Only in this way would we be able to stay afloat of the current, rise with the tide and not be washed away like fishes. The way Buddhism is involved in the secular or mundane world and in the supra-mundane or transcendental should emulate the boat, half immersed in water and the other half above water. We must remain sufficiently, clear-headed regarding the cardinal relationship of both.
* The only reason for the continual existence of Buddhism is to spread the Dharma teachings to bring about transformation in our world and ferry all sentient beings to the shore of enlightenment. The government’s perspective that Buddhism can guide and lift the moral standards of the secular world, or offer a convenient way to interact with foreign friends, or bring about development to local tourism, is considered secular and mundane. Buddhism can be handy and offer convenience to secular life and at the same time does not breach its tenets. However it is important to remember that Buddhism brings benefits of Dharma, not secular or worldly benefits.
* There is a common saying in our society about the monastic order’s way of living: go on tolling the bell as long as one is a monk. This is a sarcastic remark about some people who go through life passively and pass the day. In my view, however, if a person can keep up with tolling the bell daily and do so for a few years, his mind will certainly undergo a transformation and even develop a relatively good grasp of the foundational practices of Buddhism.
* "Wushu Imbued with Chan", shortly Wushu Chan, is one expedient approach for everyone to cultivate Chan mindfulness and attain Buddhahood. It’s hard to define exactly what Wushu Chan is. However the answer will become clear as we keep doing our practices. Shaolin Wushu is not just a series of movements or forms, which only display the physical appearance. The core of Shaolin Wushu is Kungfu, while movements and forms are used as steps to study and practice Kungfu. The highest goal of Shaolin Kungfu practitioners is seeking the ultimate enlightenment, the attainment of which would enable them to possess “invulnerable equanimity” and free from life obstacles or fear of death. Those who have known no obstacles and no fears in their hearts are different from those who have pessimistic attitude towards all things. Instead, they have learned better how to love their lives, which is exactly the real purpose of Chan studies. What kind of life do we love to live? Definitely a life free from vexations and sufferings. To that end, we have to possess “invulnerable equanimity” and Wushu Chan is our way to "invulnerable equanimity”.
* I believe that Buddhism and Dharma teachings need not be confined to the walls of temples but be fully immersed and integrated into secular society where it could be best used to help alleviate suffering and deal with daily problems. Following this Mahayana practice, Shaolin Temple cannot be separated from secular society as a monk cannot be entirely segregated from society after ordination. Interaction with society is essential as even the water we drink, the electricity we use, and even the food we consume, are products of society.




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