2010 Chan Inquiries: The 1st Day of “Chan Debate”

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Audience asking questions


"The Buddha addressed: it is for a sole cause that all Buddhas appear in the world. And what is the sole cause?” This is the topic of preliminary round held at the Chan Hall, Shaolin Temple on August 13, 2010.


As the preliminary heat finished, 18 of 25 participants entered the 1st Round and were divided into three groups in this round.


Most of them were students of the Buddhist academies and novices of Buddhist monasteries across the nation, and some few were lay Buddhists or devotees.


Sitting against a huge Bodhi Tree background, one was seated in the central mat, surrounded by other five debaters and by turns debated over the topic with each one.  


Throughout the debate, these debaters pitted their wits against the Chan Buddhist studies.
"Chan Debate” has been one of important part of Chan Inquiry activities since it was initiated in 2007. It integrates the way of patriarchs’ expounding the truths of Chan with the form of overseas university debates and Tibetan Buddhist debates.
Shaolin Temple has been encouraging the imparting and passing on the Chan culture to the younger generations. For that reason, it has annually hosted a series of Chan Inquiry activities since 2006, which showcases the newest talent and the future of the monastic forest.


(Written by Xu Huifang)


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