2010 Chan Inquiries: Kaiguang Assembly & Opening of “Chan Debate”

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Medicine Buddha

(Bhaisajyaguru, Buddha of the healing and medicine in Mahayana Buddhism


Exhibition of Buddha Paintings

 “Chan Debate”


On 14 August morning with the drizzling rain, groups of lay Buddhists and the faithful stood piously on both sides of Cuipu Hall and chanted mantra with rhythm, waiting for the initiation of Medicine Buddha’s Kaiguang ceremony.

At 9 a.m. Shaolin Abbot Yongxin and respected Dharma masters as well as representatives from the government and scholars delivered opening address respectively.
The whole process of the ritual was performed by the venerable abbot and followed the order of offering incense, worshipping Buddha, decorating with flowers, polishing and reflecting the Buddha face with mirror, dotting the Buddha body with a brush, etc.
Afterwards, Ven. Abbot Yongxin unveiled the Buddha paintings of Bhikkhu Yanfei, who was extraordinarily accomplished in fine brushworks of Buddha and Bodhisattva. Attendees and visitors could appreciate the Shaolin Chan culture while enjoying these artistic works.

After the ceremony in Cuipu Hall, Abbot Yongxin, Dharma masters and other honorable guests attended the opening of “Chan Debate” in the Chan Hall.


Similar to the practice of Tibetan Buddhist debate, the “Chan Debate” activity was launched in 2007 to impart Chan cultivations to novices, lay Buddhists and common people. So far it has been held for three years and become an important event of the monastic activities.


(Written by Xu Huifang)


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