2010 Chan Inquiries: Paintings Displays and Charities

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Over 60 works of art were donated by 25 social artists in traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy from every corner of the nation and Shaolin Temple, and exhibited in the Sutra Chanting Chamber.


At 8 a.m. August 13th, 2010, all present painters and calligraphers attended the prayer ritual presided by Dharma master Yongfu in Mahavira Hall.


The exhibition was held in the Sutra Chanting Chamber of Shaolin Temple and showcased a collection of paintings and calligraphies.
On the spot most artists painted and contributed their works to the temple.
Afterwards, Ven. Abbot Yongxin met with them and expressed his gratitude for their participation and contributions. The abbot also introduced the calligraphies and paintings Shaolin Temple had long preserved in the Stele Forest as well as the stele passage of Ciyun Hall.

The activity ends with charity certificate presentation by Ven. Abbot Yongxin.


(Written by Xu Huifang)


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