Making an Inquiry

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Pay a formal homage to the Buddha when first entering the Reception Hall, and then salute the reception venerable. During the salutation, instead of facing the reception venerable, prostrate before the statue of the Buddha and say, “your disciple XXX here pays respect to the reception venerable with three prostrations”, where the three prostrations can be substituted with Namaste (Wen xun) or one prostration at the bidding of the reception venerable. Upon visiting the venerable master, knock gently with the knuckles on the door and wait for permission to enter. If a portiere is hung in front of the door, gently push it aside when coming in and out. Be quiet and solemn before your venerable master. Stand up when making an inquiry. While encountering a venerable master on the way, make way for the venerable master and press your palms together in salutation. Do not get too close to your venerable master. Do not talk frivolously or gossip about others. Do not scratch before a venerable master, and place your sleeve over the mouth when yawning or sneezing. Do not tread on the shadow of the venerable master.

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