Avalokitesvara Hall

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Avalokitesvara Hall was built in the Qing Dynasty, with a span of three rooms. Inside the hall is enshrined the brass statue of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva accompanied by his attendants deity of Fortune and daughter of Nagaraja (the dragon king) on two sides. He sits in a modest and affable manner, with his legs crossed, eyes slightly closed, and hands folded. This statue can only be seen in Shaolin Temple. Before being moved to Avalokitesvara Hall, it was placed in the Avalokitesvara Hall of the South Garden covered with mud.



The murals in the hall were all made in the late Qing Dynasty by folk artists. On the north wall is the scene that Lin Qing, a minister of the Qing Dynasty, was watching the monks’ bare-handed performance when he inspected Shaolin Temple. On the south wall is the scene that the famous Kungfu monks Zhanju and Zhanluo were instructing Shaolin monks to combat with weapons. It can be divided into fifteen groups, each with one skill, such as bare-hand technique, combats with saber, sword, spear, halberd, staff, whip, and so on. There are two paintings on the east wall: the northern part is the story of the thirteen Shaolin monks saving Li Shimin; the southern part is the story of Shaolin monk Kinnara defending the Red Scarf Army in the late Yuan Dynasty.

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