Scripture Hall

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The Scripture Hall (Zangjingge), also called the Sermon Hall (Fatang), is the hall where Buddhists used to store classic Buddhist scriptures and preach Buddhism. It is behind the Mahavira Hall on the central axis of temple compound.



The White Jade Lying Buddha 


There were once a Bodhidharma Shadow Stone, musical instruments and over 5,000 volumes of the Buddhist scriptures, which were unfortunately destroyed in 1928 fire set by the warlord Shi Yousan. During the 1992- 1993 period, it was rebuilt on original sites according to available materials of temple records. Now it has a large collection of Buddhist materials. In the hall is enshrined a White Jade Lying Buddha (7 meters high and 16.7 tons in weight) donated by one Myanmar lay Buddhist in 1997. In addition, some wood scriptures carved in the third year of Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty (1664) have been preserved here.
The Tripitaka (Sutras, Vinaya, Abhidhamma)

The Tripitaka falls into three general categories, called Pitaka (pitaka, basket) in Pali. They are Sutta Pitaka, Vinaya Pitaka, and Abhidhamma Pitaka. In the Chinese version, there are 1692 texts, composed of 6241 volumes in total, which includes over 1000 volumes compiled by Chinese scholars. The Jiaxing edition of Tripitaka, carved in Jiaxing period of the Ming Dynasty (1573—1619), is the renewed edition, in which 5,600 volumes compiled by Chinese scholars are added. In modern times, Japan also compiled and published its renewed edition consisting of 1750 texts in 7140 volumes, collected from Chinese editions.


Sutta (also called Sutta Pitaka), scripture in meaning, is the collection of Buddha’s teachings. The Sutta Pitaka contains all accounts of the Buddha’s teachings.


Vinaya (or Vinaya Pitaka), discipline in meaning, refers to code of conduct, rules and disciplines that applies to the monastic in purpose to wipe out human evils and tame the inherent nature.


Abhidhamma (or Abhidhama Pitaka), beyond the Dharma or special Dharma in meaning, is the classified and systematic development of Buddhist doctrines, covering the elaboration, interpretations and analysis of Buddhist sutras.


White Jade Lying Buddha
White Jade Lying Buddha, on the altar of the Scripture Hall, was donated by a Myanmar lay Buddhist in 1997. The 7-meter high statue, weighing 16.5 tons, depicts Sakyamuni Buddha in Nirvana.

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