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Emptiness. Shaolin Gong-fu is noted for its rich changes and abundant forms stemming form its firm belief in the Buddhist doctrines of anitya (impermanence) and anatman (no self) as well as its great tolerance in Dharma.
Moreover Shaolin culture,as an outstanding representative of traditional Chinese culture, has become an indispensable channel for foreigners to gain a better understanding of China and Chinese culture. As world cultural heritage,it is not only to the Shaolin monastic population or to both the monastic population and the population of Henan Province that Shaolin Buddhist Monastery belongs. It is, in fact, to China and the world that the monastery belongs. So that Shaolin Buddhist Monastery will continue its efforts to promote Chinese culture and Shaolin culture by conducting cultural exchange between China and the outside world. (From A Speech by Shi Yongxin)

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