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One of the distinguishing feature of Buddhist Chan Order is this: “No written language in the world can be equal to the task of perfectly bringing out the entire meaning of the truth revealed by Siddhartha Gautama”, and it shows that Chan Sect advocates that gaining enlightenment by one’s own practice, which is just consistent with the idea of martial arts practice. So, in martial arts circle of China, there is a saying:“Doing martial arts training for ten thousand times, its principles appear naturally; while after doing it for a hundred thousand times, one can do it even when he closes his eyes”. And that means only though years of relentless training, the practitioner can reach the highest stage of martial arts and attain complete harmony with the natural law. Hence, in order to have a deeper understanding of Zen Meditation, Shaolin warrior monks are supposed to get the essence of Gong-fu in day-to-day practice, besides, the principles they get from Chan are of great help for them to instruct and improve themselves in gong-fu training. (From a speech by Shi Yongxin)

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