Restoring, Carrying Forward the Traditions and Expanding Living Space

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一、Restoring, Carrying Forward the Traditions and Expanding Living Space. I became a Buddhist votary at Shaolin Temple since 1981, as Shaolin Monastery hasn’t benefited from China’s reform and opening-up policy nearly thirty-three years ago, the biggest problem that the two dozen monks have faced in their livelihood was surviving at that time. Afterwards, with the rise of Chinese tourism industry, Shaolin Temple could barely enough to feed itself, and then temple construction and Buddhist talents cultivation has became the most realistic and tough issues faced by Shaolin Temple as well as for most other traditional temples in China. More importantly, given that the traditional religions had been marginalized and left out of social life at that time; Shaolin Temple seeking to develop itself by following the old path is clearly not workable, either through preaching to the public or even by doing charitable works, which were all forbidden by laws and regulations. As the saying goes, all roads lead to Rome, and it seemed obviously that Shaolin Kungfu is the most advantageous way for Shaolin Temple to get in touch with the society and to help all sentient beings with gaining liberation. (From a Speech by Shi Yongxin)

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