The Core Essence of Mahayana Buddhism--The Chan Sect

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The Chan Sect of Mahayana Buddhism was firstly established at Shaolin Temple on Songshan Mountain more than fifteen hundred years ago. Besides, the basic dharma-gate of the Buddhist Chan Order can be epitomized in the following four sentences: 
<1> “The Order of Buddhist Chan rejects any form of written discourse as a means of perpetuating its own system of tenets”,
<2>“a separate tradition outside the scriptural teachings be established”, 
<3>“self-cultivation should focus outright on informing a practitioner’s psyche”, and 
<4>“To gain Buddhahood by way of suddenly acquired enlightenment is definitely feasible”. 
And it is consistent with Buddha’s starting point and Buddhist teachings with its core content and spirit connotation from the angle of purifying and developing human mind, emphasizing the training and cultivation of mind.
(A Speech by Shi Yongxin)

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