Shaolin Kungfu—The Unity of Martial Arts and Chan

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As an integral part of Shaolin Chan Culture, Shaolin Kungfu, a correct approach (the dharma gate of convenience) for the practitioner to cultivate Chan, aims at striking a balance between the mind and body, between mobility and stillness, and through physical motion, the practitioner can improve his or her concentration free of any distractions or obsessions. And in this way, Buddhist wisdom can be manifested through the practice of Shaolin Kungfu. Besides, the two basic cognitive concepts with great wisdom in Buddhism, anitya (impermanence, or incessant changes) and anatman (no self), also fully demonstrated in the changeable movements. Moreover, by controlling body movements, one can grow self-discipline, self-control as well as inner tranquility, which displays the spiritual connotation of Chan at all times. Rectifying one’s psyche in the course of Kungfu exercises requires the practitioner must be at the same time a Chan practitioner. And both Chan Cultivation and Kungfu exercise are serving for taming the heart of mankind.

Shaolin Kungfu, as a carrier of the profound wisdom of Buddhism, demonstrates the idea of impermanence and anatman of Three Branches of Learning with its fickle forms, a greater variety of motions and excellent boxing skills. More importantly, the concept of “the unity of gong-fu and Chan” has been affecting the development of Chinese boxing, and laid a solid foundation for its cultural connotation on both the theoretical basis as well as in practices. Besides, practicing Shaolin Kungfu is helping with nurturing your soul and rectifying your heart.

 (From A Speech by Shi Yongxin)

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