how we can repay the profound kindness of our parents

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The parents’ beneficence and virtue are boundless and
limitless. If one has made the mistake of being unfilial, it is
almost impossible to describe the retribution!”
Upon hearing the Buddha speak about the depth of one’s
parents’ kindness, some in the assembly threw themselves on
the ground, some beat their chests some struck themselves,
some had blood flowing from all their pores, and some fell
unconscious to the ground for a long time before they regained
consciousness. The people lamented loudly,
“How terrible this is! How painful this is! Now we see that
we are real sinners. Like those who travel in the dark night, we
have been so blind. We now understand our wrongdoings and
our very insides are torn to bits. We only hope that the World
Honored One will pity us and save us. Please tell us how we can
repay the profound kindness of our parents!” 

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