Attainment of Buddhahood

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The Buddhahood is not reserved only for chosen people or for supernatural beings. Anyone can become a Buddha. No founder of any other religion ever said that his followers can have the opportunity or potentiality to attain the same position as the founder.

However, attaining Buddhahood is the most difficult task a person can pursue in the world. One must work hard by sacrificing one’s worldly pleasures. One has to develop and purify one’s mind from all evil thoughts in order to obtain this Enlightenment. It will take innumerable births for a person to purify himself and to develop his mind in order to become a Buddha. Long periods of great effort are necessary in order to complete the high qualification of this self-training. The course of this self-training which culminates in Buddhahood, includes self-discipline, self-restraint, superhuman effort, firm determination, and willingness to undergo any kind of suffering for the sake of other living beings who are suffering in this world. 

This clergy shows that the Buddha did not obtain this supreme Enlightenment by simply praying, worshiping, or making offerings to some supernatural beings. He attained Buddhahood by the purification of His mind and heart. He gained Supreme Enlightenment without the influence of any external, supernatural forces but by the development of his own sight. Thus only a man who has firm determination and courage to overcome all hindrances, weakness and selfish desires can attain Buddhahood.

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