Would you please say something about dietary habits, such as abstaining from taking food after midday and vegetarianism?

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There are two seasons for monastic Buddhists not to eat after midday according to Buddhist regulations, they are: 1. Abstaining from taking food afternoon reduces the burden on the laity since they provide the food; 2. It is conductive to practicing contemplation (bhavana). In the southern countries, this situation is still in common practice today. The strictest adherents only drink water, without taking milk, tea, coconut juice or anything else, while others may drink tea, soda water or fruit juice, as well as take candies after midday. In China, the Han monks of the Zen Sect have been used to doing farm work since ancient times, and due to their physical work, they have to eat something in the evening, so in most monasteries, this regulation is relaxed, but supper is regarded as part of a “medical diet”. Even so, many monks continue to observe the rule of abstention from eating after midday. (From Essentials of Buddhism: Questions and Answers)

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