Polish the Brick into a Mirror

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Venerable master Nanyue Huairang, a great disciple of the Sixth Patriarch Huineng, asked Mazu Daoyi, "Why are you in meditation?" He replied, "Because I want to be a Buddha." Thereupon Huairang took a brick and polished it in front of Mazu's hermitage day after day.


Till one day, Mazu asked him, "Why are you polishing the brick?"


Huairang replied, "I am polishing it into a mirror."


Mazu asked, "How can you make a mirror by polishing a brick?"


Huairang said, "If I cannot make a mirror by polishing a brick, how can you become a Buddha by sitting in meditation?"


Mazu said, "Then what shall I do?"


Huairang asked, "When an ox-carriage stops moving, do you hit the carriage or the ox?" Mazu had no reply.


Huairang continued, "Are you practicing sitting in meditation, or practicing to sit like a Buddha? As to sitting in meditation, meditation is neither sitting nor lying. As to sitting like a Buddha, the Buddha has no fixed form. In the non-abiding Dharma, one should neither grasp nor reject. If you try to sit like a Buddha, you are just killing the Buddha. If you attach to the form of sitting, then you do not penetrate this principle."

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